Living as an Empowered Free Spirit Walking on Earth

Freedom is calling You Home

Born to Be Free!

You came Here on this Earth as a Free Being, expressing yourself freely. Then you were told how to Be and how not to Be. You were given a name and slowly over time programmed into conditioned existence.  

Yet always there has been an aspect of You that could not be conditioned... 

That very aspect is Waking Up in our Humanity!

Many are Awakening out of the dream of being a separate person... there are more and more of us walking this Earth as Beings of Light.

As we come together and grow in community, we empower each other to live in New ways from what we truly Are and create a new world aligned to our deepest longing, together we are stronger. 

This community supports high frequency material from every one of You!

Ananta Kranti holds ongoing Meetings in Truth in which she transmits the essence of Non Duality. She holds a space in which it's easy to recognise who you truly are and offers direct pointings of how to integrate this recognition into daily life.

She has created this platform out of her love of living Awake freely and empowering others to step into new realities, while bringing us together... 

It's time to be the change this world needs.

 This love flows into her ongoing work to spread this message that empowers more and more Beings to Awaken and Live True to the Truth.

This community is for You if you resonate with this message

We are Here to live and create the change we know is needed in our shared Humanity 

As Free beings walking this Earth.

Born to Be Free is our Private Mighty Network exclusively for members.
You are welcome to join!